Product Description

Similar to the frozen sweet treat sans the stickiness, this lighter-than-a feather leave-in conditioning spray refreshes and livens locks and infuses moisture. But don’t let the delicious sweetness fool you; Creamsicle Mist is a force to be reckoned with. The unmatchable formula detangles without build-up, battles bedhead and rids hair of that funky locker room aroma.

• Fun kid-friendly packaging & fragrances

• Easy to use styling products that kids can call their own

• Naturally tear-free

• Easy comb-through—easier for kids to comb through their hair

• All natural and certified organic hair collection

• NO sulfates, alcohol or parabens

• Safe for sensitive skin – even babies

• Effective lice preventative

• Infused with Echinacea & Aloe to promote healthy, hydrated hair

• Lightweight formula with no build-up

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