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Our Story

SeriouslySpoiled-InteriorSeriously Spoiled Salon and Spa,was developed and designed by sisters, Karen and Lisa Falco. Being “spa girls” and parents themselves, it wasn’t long before their own daughters started accompanying them to salons to have manicures, pedicures and hair styling. The only problem was that these “grown-up salons” did not have the patience and experience in catering to their giggling daughters and their friends. They also didn’t seem to know what the latest young trends were in hair.

When it came time for Lisa’s daughter’s tenth birthday she requested to have a “spa party” with all her friends. After searching for a salon and spa that could deliver both a fun and luxurious spa setting as well as a place that could offer salon services designed for kids they came up empty handed. Not wanting to disappoint the birthday girl, the two sisters decided to create their own vision of what a young girls spa party should be.

All of their hard work and attention to every detail transformed Lisa’s basement into a fabulous and fun salon and spa. Not only was the decor plush and exciting but the pink robes and pink lemonade in fluted champagne glasses made every girl feel like a princess. Having been treated like royalty, Karen and Lisa made sure that every manicure, pedicure and hairstyle left each girl looking and feeling great.

Every young girl wanted a party like this one and every parent wanted to be able to give this experience to their daughter.

It was then that they realized that they had the perfect concept for a business catering exclusively to young girls and their special day. With Karen’s cosmetology background and Lisa’s sales background they created Seriously Spoiled Salon and Spa.


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